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Michigan Wedding DJ - Dan Nichols

michigan wedding dj dan nichols royal oak Would you like to deal direct with your DJ from day one?

Is one on one involvement with your dj, important to you?

Would you like a dj that understands the importance of meeting your expectations and working with you for a successful outcome?

If you place value in having that rapport and relationship with your actual dj, from day one, then read on. If this is no big deal to you then my value proposition below will likely have fallen on deaf ears (err eyes).

I know the wedding you're planning is a big deal to you, it is to me as well. So much so that I've never felt comfortable sending out a bunch of deejays to work for me. I just find it too big a deal to control the quality. As an independent operator (not a multi-system michigan dj service) I can make strong claims and stick with them. Before I share with you what I am as a dj, let me share what I am not...

What I Am NOT...

  • I'm not some techno house dj that spins records with his elbows.
  • I won't pull people off their chairs to get them up -- I let my music do this.
  • I don't do this as a side job - this is my main income.
  • I won't comment on your sexy legs or encourage the groom to use his teeth if you choose a bouquet and garter
  • I don't play music with obviously obscene lyrics (gangsta rap, bitches and hos comes to mind)
  • I don't have different packages or upsells - you get everything.
  • I won't hang giant signs or banners on my table, sell glow sticks to guests or blow up vinyl guitars.

Your Vows Are Pretty Serious

wedding ring michigan

So Are Mine


  • You'll deal with me from the first meeting to the final dance. So nobody will give me their version of your vision. I'll get it right from the source - you, my bride or groom. You'll have my cell number to call anytime you need me. If I am not open I have 1 other guy I trust I can discuss with you.
  • You will have me at your event location at least 1.5 hours before it starts. No excuses - flat tires, engine trouble, bad traffic - no excuses period. In fact I am usually set up 45-60 minutes before start time.
  • You will hear all your agreed upon requests (as layed out on the wedding prep sheet).
  • You won't hear something you told me not to play (as layed out on the wedding prep sheet).
  • All my audio gear, will be professionally presented. That means, neat and with the cords tied/hidden, case lids tucked away and NO giant banners or signs. Just a small sign on my main dj case only visible to those within a few feet and a "MWDJ Skin" on my laptop lid.
  • You will hear the announcements, not crackles and pops. My equipment will perform properly. If for some odd reason it does not, I'll immediately plug in my back up gear.
  • You will see me wearing the appropriate attire to your event. At weddings I wear black tux pants, white tux shirt, vest or cumberbun and a bowtie or comtemporaray tux tie.
  • You will see me dedicated to my task. I won't be talking on my cell phone during your event or texting friends and family. I am fully present to serving your needs. The success of your event is my mission. *Only caveat is on occasion I will research a song, dance or lyrics on my phone.
  • It should go without saying but I figured I would mention it because sadly many dj's consider it a perk. I won't be drinking alcohol during your event.
  • You will hear from me (no excuses) as agreed upon the Sunday or Monday prior to your event to go over final wedding details.
  • Another dj won't end up doing your reception - if you book me, you get me - period.
  • You'll hear names pronounced correctly during introductions and throughout the night.

    This pledge is backed by my reputation and a money back guarantee. It applies to all events booked under the MWDJ Contract. For the exact details of my guarantee, call me or come visit me at my home office. NOTE: Any one violation above will result in a discount off my full rate. I do put my money where my mouth is.

How Do You Feel About a 12 Point Guarantee Like This?

Your wedding is a big deal to you. It's a lot of money to spend and as events go, it's probably the biggest one you'll ever be the guest of honor at. I recognize this, that is exactly why I don't offer several other dj's for your wedding reception. I admit it, I'm a perfectionist about your weddng reception. It's just too important to mess up. When you work with an owner operated smaller dj service, you should get the attention you deserve. Every wedding reception I do gets my full attention. I'm not on the cell phone while your having a bridal dance, out having a smoke or rolling in just in the nick of time to announce you into the room after leaving my "day job" -- you're it. Your event is, believe it or not, as important to me as it is to you. In fact I make these guarantees above to prove it.

LOOK, there is no excuse for any professional dj to be less than I promise above. As events go, I can't think of any more important to a bride than her wedding day.

Total Confidence... Michigan Wedding DJ, (Dan) is one of 2 dj's I am without reservation, completely comfortable referring. First because he's great at what he does and second because when I refer him, I have total confidence it will be him that does the event. With the bigger dj services in Michigan, you never know who they'll send. In fact, he is one of only 2 dj's that come to mind when I think of personality and professionalism - a total package. He engages the crowd, tracks all the details and plays what they like.
Mike McHalpine - Banquet Manager Addison Oaks -
Oakland County, Michigan (Leonard, MI)


The ONLY true unbiased "not a popular opinion poll" survey ever done in this country was commissioned by the largest wedding website and magazine publication in the country (now it's a watered down "vote for me" poll). In 2007, 25,000 brides in major metropolitan areas including Metro Detroit, Michigan and it's suburbs were asked to rate their wedding vendors. WELL... the only independent operator to make the list was Michigan Wedding DJ (BBP LLC). I have proof - just ask and I'll email you the page scans.

Think about that for a moment - it's like an independent winning the primaries.

Not just a top 5 mobile dj pick in Michigan,
but in the top 2 wedding dj services in all of Oakland County, MI.

Also Referred By...

  • Hundreds of Brides & Grooms - RIGHT HERE
  • Addison Oaks (Dan, Mike & Laurie all know me and my work)
  • Dearborn Inn (staff - on preferred vendor list)
  • Detroit Free Press Professional Source (wedding source 12/08)
  • Glen Oaks (preferred vendors list)
  • Blossom Heath (preferred vendors list)
  • Polo Fields (Ann Arbor)
  • Ann Arbor U of M Student Union (Ken) & Michigan League
  • Townsend Hotel
  • Marci Curtis Photographer - Marci Curtis
  • Rondo String Quartet (preferred vendors list)

Life Is Short, Hire Better Entertainment

Really, you get 6 hours to do it right. NOT one vendor at your event will have more influence over the success of its outcome than your dj. Your dj is the "FACE" of your party. He's the representative for your event. Let's assume for just 1 moment that every vendor you deal with is top shelf but the dj is mediocre. How would the night feel? You can't make up for bad entertainment. So hire the dj that will get the job done right the first and only time. Hire the deejay willing to put his money where his mouth is. There are few other professions in the world that rely so much on perfection. Most any other occupation allows for a second chance, even many surgeries can later be corrected. BUT deejaying a wedding is a one shot opportunity to do it right. Don't risk it to an "employee dj". Hiring an independent with decades of experience and 5 star reviews is a Wedding Insurance Policy.

It's Not All About The Music

Sure, the music is important but with weddings you need to consider the importance of "keeping the party going". Your DJ determines the pace of your reception whether you like it or not. The truth is, as an owner operator dj service I pride myself on your event being the best it can be. I'm not an "employee dj". Because I am at your job, I see to it things we discussed are handled from the grand introduction through the toasts and bridal dances to the very last song of the evening. When we have our intial conversation we both know whether it's a fit or not. We won't be 2 people that have no real idea where one another stand and what we expect. Are you marrying a fiance you never spoke with? Hire a dj you at least get a chance to speak to. Hire a dj that you can "specifically" research for 5 star reviews.

Hi Dan, Corey and I wanted to again thank you for talking with us this evening! It was a pleasure speaking with you and hearing your ideas! As soon as we got in the car we both looked at each other and said, "He's the one!". We were very impressed! Corey was raving about how personable you were the whole way home! So, we're very excited to say that we would like you to be our DJ for our big day!

Again, thank you so much...you cannot imagine what a relief it is to find someone who is professional and very personable at the same time! We look forward to working with you!!!
Sarah and Corey (Dearborn Inn Referrals) January 23, 2010

I Don't "DO" Events -- I Make Happy Brides!

michigan dj service pic

Several ingredients add up to making one dj, better than another dj. Look at your own career. What makes people better from one organization to the next? I'd say it doesn't matter the endeavor -- the answer is pretty simple. What makes one person better at a specific occupation than another is our interest or ability to learn and want to improve. What is important to note is that some people don't really "plug in" much to what they do and therefore they learn little. Here is what I have learned after 24 years (wow) of deejaying. Here are some free wedding tips to make your Michigan dj experience better no matter who you choose to provide dj service at your Wedding.

Improve your odds at a great Michigan Wedding Reception, CLICK HERE for my free gift to you. Having a better wedding from a pro dj's perspective.

What You Get When You Book Me (Dan)

  • My 24 years of experience dj'ing at Michigan Weddings to make it a great night
  • My "12 Point Pledge" (above) details upon our conversation.
  • Advanced planning and coordination so come your wedding day I can make it the way you want it.
  • 7 day a week access to my cell phone for those questions that can't wait. If I can grab the phone when you call, I will help you with any wedding related question you may have (except for who to marry). Upfront though I admit Sundays I dedicate to family and I'm less likely to be an easy reach..
  • 2 meetings (or more if you need them)

    1) The first, no pressure "info meeting". Here we meet over the phone to discuss what you want on your big day, your expectations. The wedding business is indeed a series of personal relationships. I like us to know one another at some level before your big day. It just makes the whole experience better to actually talk with your dj. The feeling is mutual as I enjoy having some feel for my clients as well.

    I'll be forthright. I meet face to face with my clients about 4 times a year for the "sales meeting". Usually it's over the phone and frankly I like it that way. Why? Well like you I am busy too. So if I can do it on the phone then super. If we GOTTA meet then I can make it happen too. I've been doing this so long most clients come from having seen me or a string personal testimony from a friend or relative OR found me under a weddingwire 5 star dj search.

    2) Prior to your wedding we will need to go through 30-40 minutes of fine details. Including names, pronounciations, timing of events, special songs and so forth. I have a simple process that seems to work well. We'll just need to "connect" via telephone the week of your ceremony/reception and go through the details. I like to know what you're thinking so I can deliver and help where needed. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THIS BENEFIT. Though I have a handful of wedding planners that refer me, come the night of your event the actual coordination of traditions, timing with the kitchen staff, making sure the right people are in the room at the right time for various dances - all that STUFF that is needed is handled by yours truly, Michigan Wedding DJ, Dan Nichols - ME. Why? Because if i don't make sure it is done right then you may not have as many people on the dance floor later. I spoil you for 6 hours making sure the event progresses to a maximized dance floor! I like things to go smooth and frankly... when left to anyone else including many "day of wedding coordinators" it is a chance I don't like taking with my brides. The success of your event is on the line and I feel responsible for much of it. I can assure you nobody condemns the cake maker if the party is boring. NOBODY understands party flow... NOBODY understands it like a seasoned professional mobile wedding dj - PERIOD.
  • Unique lighting that is first and foremost elegant and a close second -- fun.
  • Professional presentation - gear is all neat, no cords hanging out and I wear a tux shirt/vest, bowtie, tux pants and black shoes.
  • Me as the Owner Operator - not "one of my guys".
  • A professional sound system including:
    1) 2 Mackie SRM450 Speakers*
    2) 1 Mackie Subwoofer (when needed)
    3) Numark Mix3 CD/MP3/Mixer Unit (1 spare onsite)
    4) DJ Computer - Denon 2500 Digital Hard Drive Controller - coupled with two 500GB Hard Drives (1 redundant)
    5) 1 Toshiba Laptop running virtual dj and 1 Lenovo Laptop running Itunes and Virtual DJ
    6) 1 Tri-Phase Multi Led Light, 1 Kinta Multi-colored sound activated dance light (1 backup)
    7) Furman Power Conditioner (keeps my gear running good)
    8) 1 Wireless & 2 Wired Microphones (backups)
    9) 1 Cortex 1RU Mixer & 1 American Audio DJ Mixer QSD with a built in MP3 Player
    10) 2 2TB redundant hard drives, 20GB Flash Card Backups
  • Back Up Gear - some guys say they have it, I have it several ways as listed above. I run 2 computers simultaneously and an mp3 player. I am "tripled" up.
  • All Inclusive - I don't have anything else to offer. I give you everything I have to make it a great night. The only possible "extra" would be distances beyond Ann Arbor to the west, Monroe to the south, Flint to the North and Port Huron/Grand Blanc to the East/North (some exceptions on the north for destination weddings).
  • Did I mention my 12 Point - No Excuses Pledge (above)
  • Oh... did I mention me as the DJ / Owner Operator - not "one of my guys".
  • As DJ packages "go"... I only have one. It is me all inclusive with a 6 hour base (you can choose more time if necessary).


TOUGH ECONOMY, JOB FEARS? IF YOU OR YOUR FIANCE GET LAID OFF BETWEEN NOW AND YOUR WEDDING, I'LL DISCOUNT $200 OF YOUR INVESTMENT BALANCE. Now you'll barely feel the difference on your wedding budget as a result of choosing quality over savings.

Hopefully by now you've determined I'm not your average Michigan Wedding DJ Service. With that distinction from average you can expect not only above average delivery the night of your big event but a huge value from my Michigan Wedding DJ service. Your investment toward a great wedding reception depends on 2 things - the date of the event and when it's booked relative to the date. I am a bit less in the January through April season. For that reason I encourage a call or the filling in of my simple form for more info.

If you're shopping me against another service and find I am more expensive upfront, ask yourself why? What is it that makes me truly different to you? I don't make my money on volume with multiple dj's going out. Is it my pledge to get it right, years of experience, understanding of group dynamics, over a thousand happy brides. Do you feel, see and hear the difference between what I offer and what they offer? Is it the FACT that you deal directly with me from day one through to your last dance? Some brides recognize the difference right away and truth be told those are the brides I want to work for. I want to work for clients that place the value on the music played and the presentation and event coordination (keeping the event running smoothly) skills I bring to the table. I can't sell to brides looking for the cheapest dj. I can however sell to those Michigan brides looking for the best value.

Think about it... some things we pay for knowing full well they are average but when you want the very best and you treat yourself to it because you know the value. If you'd like a better idea before you take a few minutes to call me, I'm about $300-$400 more than an average dj service. Is your night worth the savings? Did you want to pay for an average service or would you like that extra edge, that insurance that makes for a memorable party? You know darn well when you want "that dress" or "that venue" or "that type of centerpiece" that the better stuff costs a bit more but makes the difference between good and great. Cheaper or company dj's are a savings but at what expense? The expense will be the time money and effort you put into your entire day if it doesn't go as you expected.

Check Calendar Here

So, You Are Left With One Question

Is Your Night Worth The Savings?

NOW - Here is where I end the commentary and suggest you give me a call. Hopefully we're the right fit for one another. I can be reached fairly often at 248-648-1669. It forwards to my cell if I don't answer at the home office.

You can check your date on the contact page right now. NOTE: It may show open but that does not mean 100% that I am. Occasionally dates have contracts coming in so I leave it open until the checks are received.

Thanks, and like you, I hope it is one heck of a party!

The Michigan Wedding DJ -- When You Recognize the Right DJ Makes All the Difference
248-648-1669 (Dan)
I help couples have the best night of their life.

Improve your odds at a great Michigan Wedding Reception, CLICK HERE for my free gift to you.

Client Testimonials
3 Deejays I think of...

"Dan, you know I see a lot of dj's. 2 or 3 every weekend. A lot of them are pretty good but very few are polished. I can think of 3 that I work with throughout the year that fit that standard. It's always great to work with you. You are a great DJ and you can tell you care. You have a great connection with everyone, you know what to play and when to play it, you have a great sound (both audio and voice) and are a real nice person on top of it all."

Robert Bruce Photography

November 2014
You're the MVP

"I've referred you out at my last 3 bride meetings - the dj can make or break the night ... You by far are the MVP of my season so far! Hope to work with you again!."

Wendy Martin Photography

"It wasn't the same ole same ole..."

We hired Dan sight unseen based on what seemed to be a great reputation and understanding of crowd dynamics. It proved to be the perfect move and it wasn't the same ole same ole. From the way cooler than normal cocktail music to the tunes that made my dad, my grandpa and even my 20 something friends dance it was all good. Whether it was Warren G, Ginuwine, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra or Jason Mraz we danced all night. If you want the best wedding dj in Michigan and a guy that knows how to keep things moving smoothly, hire the Michigan Wedding DJ - Dan Nichols.student union 2009 wedding pictureThanks so much Dan,

Tony & Allyn Sinicropi
University of Michigan Student Union Wedding Reception
(ps -- thanks for getting all the pronounciations right

May 2009
"There is a reason they stay late..."

"Dan, you were the reason we went an hour overtime at my daughters wedding. I will promote your services to anyone I know needing a great dj. Great entertainers aren't easy to find. We're really glad Glen Oaks referred us to your dj service."

Dennis Cassar Reception & Ceremony at Glen Oaks

August 2009
"an event to remember..."

"Dan, Shane and I just wanted to thank you so much for being such a great mc/dj at our wedding. You did a tremendous job and people are still telling us about what a wonderful job you did. Thanks for helping to make our wedding reception an event to remember"

Brooke & Shane
Becker Glen Oaks Country Club, Farmington Hills, Michigan

September 2009
"The entire night was perfect..."

"Dan was everything we had hoped for. He took the lead for the evening, and the entire night was perfect. He was friendly and outgoing, kept the dance floor packed, and ensured that all of our guests had an excellent time. We highly recommend "The Michigan Wedding DJ" (formerly Boogie Brothers Productions)!"

Summer & Rob Ray
Reception at The Wyndgate Country Club - Oakland Township Michigan

June 2009
"You appear to personalize the event for each couple..."

Marci Curtis is a professional photographer (she supplied the pics on this site) and we refer business back and forth. She sent this to me in a personal email as I was re-creating the copy for this web site. I wanted her opinion on some details. I unabashedly took this right from her email.

"What really makes you so very different from the typical wedding dj is that you appear to personalize the event for each couple. You also seem to make a point of getting everyone up and dancing from the get go and have this "we're all in this together" type of spiel which brings people out to the dance floor in a way that I only see with live bands."image of Marci Curtis Michigan Wedding Photogrpaher

Marci Curtis - Photographer

December 2014

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